About Us

Who we are

Bulgarian Old Catholic Church works to provide a welcoming and spiritual presence in the world. It is our mission to carry the message of God’s love and the grace of His sacraments to all. The shunned, mistreated and abandoned by mainstream Christianity are some of the people we aim to help. We welcome all to the altar of the Lord and exclude no one from full participation in the life of the church. We strive to work with all churches to fulfill the prayer of Christ “that all may be one. We are a self-governed church that strives to build up the Kingdom of God one person at a time.

As our main mission in the world we declared work with marginalised groups of children and migrants, as well as work with expat community in Sofia. So far, we will be glad if you can support our missions through our bank accounts: Bulgarian Old Catholic Church at DSK Bank. In USD: IBAN – BG25STSA93000025665549, BIC – STSABGSFXXX or in EUR: IBAN – BG28STSA93000025665495 or in BGN: IBAN – BG30STSA93000025665459