Synod of Bishops

International Holy synod of the Bishops of the Old Catholic Church Fidelitas

President: +Dom Paulus Nunes - sce patriarch and high priest of the Patriarchate of Jerusalem in the Americas
Vice President: +Dom Francisco Rodrigues - Svcf Archbishop of Brazil
President Abroad: +Dom Ezio Maria Scaglione - Svcf Archbishop Primate of Italy and Malta
President: +dom Svetoslav Vassileff - svcf archbishop of Sofia Bulgaria
President: +Dom Giovanni Madamma - Svcf Archbishop of foggia Italy
President: +Dom Leonardo Saavedra-Svcf Archbishop Primate of USA Canada
President: +Dom Kede Christophe - Svcf Archbishop of Africa Cameroon
President: +Dom Carlos Manuel Santiago Rodrigues - Svcf Archbishop of Portugal and president of the international conference of bishops veteros catholic fidelitas
President: +Dom Aivar Parnust - Archbishop of altonia and Estonia
President: +Dom Andreiej Gagaski - Archbishop of Poland
President: Don Jose Ramiro Lopez-Svcf elected bishop of Colombia.